Episode 50

Rapid Fire Productivity Tips with Francesco D'Alessio


February 21st, 2020

34 mins 34 secs

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About this Episode

This week, Francesco D'Alessio of Keep Productive joins us to discuss 10 rapid fire productivity tips. Plus, we announce the winners of the GIVEAWAY!

Apologies for the audio quality on this one!


  1. FRANCESCO - Don't touch your phone for first 30-minutes of your day
  2. JUSTIN - Do it for two minutes if you’re stuck
  3. FRANCESCO - Capture it instantly in your task manager's inbox
  4. JUSTIN - Start simple and iterate
  5. FRANCESCO - 30-minute switch-off from 30-minutes before you finish
  6. JUSTIN - Turn off notifications for everything but phone calls and messages
  7. FRANCESCO - Introduce a lunch-time or afternoon run for a boost of focus
  8. JUSTIN - Reflect on 3 positive things for the day
  9. FRANCESCO - Make sure you have a 50,000 ft view planner
  10. JUSTIN - When you’re stressed, do a mind sweep

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